IP Management Clinic Will Focus on Agriculture

2023-04-18 | Volume 1 Issue 1 - Volume 1 | News | Executive Director| Lamees Esmaeel

WIPO and Sidley Austin’s Emerging Enterprises Pro Bono Program are joining forces to help Micro, Small and Medium Size Enterprises (MSMEs) who are developing solutions for the agriculture sector that enhance food security or reduce pollution, water use or carbon emissions. Companies selected to take part in the IP Management Clinic will benefit from a program of activities spread over five months, specifically designed to address their IP management needs, as determined in the application process. They will receive advice on intellectual properties (IP) management strategies and guidance on how the IP system can be used to make their products, services or business model more competitive in today’s market.
To participate, Micro or SMEs must meet some criteria like having; an innovative green product or technology and a clear business model, a technology that is relevant to the agricultural industry, at least one registered IP right, an entrepreneurial team (a minimum of 3 people), in addition to other criteria.
It should be noted that The IP Management Clinic is a program that aims to help enterprises to better utilize IP as part of their business strategies.
To participate, applicants must complete the questionnaire by April 21, 2023.

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