Syrian Expatriate Research Conference (SERC): An Opportunity to Help!

2024-03-27 | volume 2 Issue 1 - Volume 2 | Editorial | Chief Editor| Majd Aljamali

For five consequent years, the Higher Commission for Scientific Research (HCSR) has held the Syrian Expatriate Researcher Conference (SERC) starting in 2019, with slogan “Toward a Syrian knowledge-based economy”. This event is where Syrian Researchers from all over the world meet physically or virtually to discuss science and propose different ways to develop productive and service sectors in Syria contributing to rebuilding. This year, the sixth version of SERC will be held in Damascus between 29 and 31 July 2024. Since 2019, SERC has turned into an annual scientific forum where close to 100 expatriate Syrian researchers from over 25 countries meet and discuss science with hundreds of their counterparts who work at Syrian universities and research centers, exchanging ideas and expertise in multidisciplinary sessions and topics, and shedding light onto novel advancement in frontier technologies including nanotechnology, biotechnology, ICT, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, environment, construction, etc. SERC also underscored the eagerness of Syrian expatriate researchers to offer the knowledge they have to help repair the severely damaged infrastructure and contribute to the urgent need for the rebuilding of Syria. In fact, SERC is an opportunity for both Syrian officials as well as researchers abroad. The former should provide whatever it takes to facilitate the return of those Syrian intellectuals back home, or at least guarantee their sustainable contribution to the advancement of science in Syria. The latter though, including thousands of researchers and scientists who left Syria before and after the crisis, should continue to support regardless of their political, social, or economical stand … for both parties, it is an opportunity to help and preserve pride and dignity!  

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