A New Device Can Keep the Brain Alive for Hours without a Body, and Perhaps in The Future It May Turn into a Replacement Organ, with all The Possibilities that Entail

2024-03-27 | volume 2 Issue 1 - Volume 2 | News |


Researchers in Texas have developed a way to keep the brain alive and functioning for several hours without contact with the body – a scientific experiment in which a team led by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas (USA) took two pigs, cut the connections between their heads and bodies, connected the brain to a device that keeps blood pumping through the brain, and simulated Normal flow when it is connected to the rest of the body which is called an extracorporeal pulsatile circulatory controller (EPCC). The goal of this procedure was to study the brain independently of other body functions that might affect it. Thanks to the experiment, the research team was able to study the effect of sugar on the brain, separately from other mechanisms in the body that may change the process. The research team speculated that having a cardiopulmonary bypass that worked similarly to a human heart would avoid complications caused by existing cardiopulmonary bypass devices. And perhaps one day after your body dies, they will be able to put your mind into another body and provide another life which nature depends on your point of view.

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